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Written by Scuba Ken   
Wednesday, 30 July 2008 22:22

Long Island Shore Diver is now in its 3rd Edition.  This compilation of dive sites was written by Daniel Berg with the help of contributing writer Denise Berg.  

 Long Island Shore Diver claims to be the divers guide to Long Island, N.Y.  beach diving sites.  The book begins with a map of Long Island covered with 62 white dots that represent different shore dives along the Long Island coast.  To use the book you have two options.  You can look at the map and pick an area you'd like to dive and then look up the corresponding dive sites in the book, or you can do what I did and page through the book till you find a dive that interests you.

The author does an excellent job in the way he lays out each dive site.  Each site entry contains detailed information on how to get to the entry point as well as directions, including compass headings where appropriate, to find your way to points of interest once you get into the water.   He also provides great information on the conditions of the site and what you can expect during the dive.  Many entries even include photos and or diagrams to go along with them.

 By far my favorite part of the book is the historical tid-bits and personal notes the author adds to each entry.  The historical info is well presented and gets you motivated to visit each of site while the various personal notes give great info on diving the site that could only be obtained from someone who has dived them many times.  The author provides to world information on some of his favorite dive sites, information that most divers like to keep for themselves.  He even tells all about a super secret treasure trove he found.  however, I'm not going to spill the beans on this one.  If you want to know where it is, pick up the book.

 I only have two complaints about the book.  The first one is that a few of the dives are not "shore dives" in that they can only be reached by boat.  To give credit to the author, he does mention this in the entry for these dives and they are close enough to shore that they could be reached by small boat or kayak.  The second issue I had with the book is the lack of any dive sites in the Smithtown Bay area.  (FYI: the only area that I hold a residential parking permit for.)  Where is the love?  Oh well, maybe in the 4th edition.

 I found this book in a local dive shop so keep an eye out for it if your interested in diving around Long Island.  According to the inside cover, copies of the book copies can also be obtained by writing to:

Aqua Explorer's, Inc.
980 Church Street
Baldwin, NY 11510







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